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10 Bde (Para) and TNI-AD Conducts Ex SATGAS LINUD

KUALA TERENGGANU – The Malaysian Armed Forces, HQ 10 Brigade (Para) / 10 Bde (Para) will carry out the static and free fall in conjunction with Exercise Linud Malindo from 21 to 25 July in Gong Kedak, Besut and Pasir Putih areas of Kelantan.

HQ 10 Bde (PARA), Terendak Camp, Malacca in a statement said, the Bilateral Exercise SATGAS LINUD involves the Malaysian Army’s 10 Bde (Para) and the Indonesian Army TNI-AD.

According to the statement, the exercise is based on the concept of Airborne Operation training and was conducted with focus on Mass Drop, Free Fall and Conventional Warfare (CW).

10 Bde (Para) Mass drop practice
10 Bde (Para) Mass drop practice

“The main purpose of this joint training exercise is to increase the level of knowledge and experience to participants from the Army and the TNI-AD especially in Mass Drop and free fall.

“Therefore all residents in the area are asked not to panic or to take training pictures around the training area during exercise,” he said.

The five-day exercise covers the area around Gong Kedak, Pasir Putih, Ajin Village and Pantai Irama with a training session held at Pantai Irama, Kelantan.

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