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Seremban Declared Covid-19 Red Zone

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Negeri Sembilan, 12 May 2020 – Seremban has been declared a Covid-19 red zone, making two out of seven districts in Negeri Sembilan red zones. Another two districts in the state are yellow zones while three are green zones.

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Seremban slipped into red zone territory after recording seven new infections, bringing the total active Covid-19 cases there to 42. Previously, the neighbouring district of Pedas also became a red zone after a Covid-19 outbreak at a chicken factory. There are currently 130 active cases there.According to the Health Ministry’s definition, green zones are areas that are free of active Covid-19 cases while yellow zones have up to 40 active cases and red zones have more than 40 active cases. The data is updated until noon yesterday.

On the bright side, the districts of Putatan, Bera and Kuala Terengganu are now free of active Covid-19 cases and are declared green zones from their initial yellow zone status. Kluang, which was previously a red zone, has also improved to a yellow zone. This is after the number of active cases fell from 41 to 39. In the overall, the number of red zones nationwide remained at nine while the number of yellow zones is at 73, three less than a day earlier.

The number of green zones is now at 119, also three less than a day before. As of noon yesterday, the country recorded 6,726 Covid-19 cases with 109 deaths. However, 5,113 patients have recovered and 1,504 cases are still active.

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