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Malaysian Chief of Defence Forces Reviews Disaster Management Zone (DMZ)

KUALA LUMPUR, 9 July 2021 – The Chief of Defence Forces (CDF), General Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Hj Affendi bin Buang RMAF today visited the Tuanku Mizan Armed Forces Hospital (HATTM) to review the preparations for the Disaster Management Zone (DMZ) established at the hospital as well as see the level of readiness of the medical staff involved.

The DMZ, which is located in the HATTM basement parking lot and has 50 additional beds, was fully completed yesterday evening and was created to meet the treatment needs of COVID-19 category 4 and 5 patients who are increasing in the Klang Valley.

The preparation of the DMZ also received assistance from the Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH) and the National Disaster Management Agency (NADMA). The DMZ will be placed under the command of the HATTM Commanding Officer, Brigadier General Dato’ (Dr) Rosman bin Ab Rahman and Lt Col (Dr) Mohamad Azlan bin Arrifin as the DMZ Operations Commander and will start accepting COVID-19 patients today.

CDF in a brief statement said “the parking area is a space specially designed during the early construction of the hospital to be gazetted as a DMZ and has facilities such as electricity supply, oxygen supply, vacuum ports and other medical support aids that suitable for preparation for cases of chemical and biological disasters”.

Also accompanying him in the survey was the Director General of Armed Forces Health Services, Lieutenant General Dato’ (Dr) Zulkeffeli bin Mat Jusoh.

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KUALA LUMPUR, 9 Julai 2021 – Panglima Angkatan Tentera (PAT), Jeneral Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Hj Affendi bin Buang TUDM pada hari ini telah melakukan lawatan ke Hospital Angkatan Tentera Tuanku Mizan (HATTM) bagi meninjau persiapan Disaster Management Zone (DMZ) yang diwujudkan di hospital berkenaan serta melihat tahap persediaan staf perubatan yang terlibat.

DMZ berkenaan yang ditempatkan di parkir basement HATTM serta mempunyai 50 katil tambahan ini telah siap sepenuhnya pada petang semalam dan ianya diwujudkan bagi menampung keperluan rawatan pesakit COVID-19 kategori 4 serta 5 yang semakin meningkat di kawasan Lembah Klang.

Persiapan DMZ berkenaan turut mendapat bantuan daripada Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia (KKM) dan Agensi Pengurusan Bencana Negara (NADMA). DMZ berkenaan akan diletakkan di bawah perintah Pegawai Memerintah HATTM, Brigedier Jeneral Dato’ (Dr) Rosman bin Ab Rahman dan Lt Kol (Dr) Mohamad Azlan bin Arrifin sebagai Komander Operasi DMZ serta akan mula menerima pesakit COVID-19 pada hari ini.

PAT dalam kenyataan ringkasnya berkata β€˜kawasan parkir tersebut merupakan ruang yang direka khas semasa awal pembinaan hospital berkenaan untuk digazetkan sebagai DMZ serta mempunyai kemudahan seperti bekalan kuasa elektrik, bekalan oksigen, vacuum ports dan lain-lain bantuan sokongan perubatan yang mampu mengendalikan pesakit dengan kapasiti yang bersesuaian bagi persediaan untuk menghadapi kes-kes bencana kimia dan biologi’.

Turut mengiringi beliau dalam tinjauan tersebut adalah Ketua Pengarah Perkhidmatan Kesihatan Angkatan Tentera, Leftenan Jeneral Dato’ (Dr) Zulkeffeli bin Mat Jusoh.

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