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Malaysian and Australian Army Conducted Exercise HARINGGAROO 2021

KOK LANAS, 23 September 2021 – The Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF) through the Malaysian Army (TDM) has shared experience and expertise in the War Against Insurgency, especially Jungle Operations with the Australian Army (TDA) through the conduct of Exercise HARINGGAROO Series 71/2021 for 3 days from 21 to 23 Sep 21 which is a continuation of bilateral cooperation under the Malaysian Australian Joint Defence Program (MAJDP).

This exercise which is planned to be conducted in 2020 in 2 stages namely cross learning or Cross Training Exercise (CTX) and field training or Field Training Exercise (FTX) had to be postponed to this year but only the cross learning training or Cross Training Exercise (CTX) was conducted between the TDM’s Fifth Battalion of the Royal Ranger Regiment (5 RRD) and the TDA’s Subject Matter Expert (SME) Team.

Commander of the Eighth Malaysian Infantry Brigade (8 Brigade), Brig Gen Abu Hasan Assha’ari bin Kamis@Shaffiee in his speech during the closing ceremony of the exercise at Bukit Merbau Range today hoped that all the valuable knowledge and experience gained by each member during the exercise this can be applied in assignments.

The MAF will continue to be committed in the conduct of bilateral exercises to strengthen cooperation and bilateral relations as well as the friendship between the MAF and the Australian Army. Apart from that, it is also an excellent field for sharing knowledge and expertise as well as getting to know and understanding each other’s cultures and customs.

Also present at the closing ceremony of the exercise were the 5th RRD Commanding Officer, Lt Col Mohd Khairulnizam bin Busu, and the Royal Australian Regiment’s Sixth Battalion Delta Company Chief, Maj Hodge David John as well as the Commanding Officer and Commanding Officer of the team under the 8 Brigade.

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KOK LANAS, 23 September 2021 – Angkatan Tentera Malaysia (ATM) menerusi Tentera Darat Malaysia (TDM) telah berkongsi pengalaman dan kepakaran dalam Peperangan Melawan Insurgensi terutamanya Operasi Hutan bersama Tentera Darat Australia (TDA) menerusi perlaksanaan Eksesais HARINGGAROO Siri 71/2021 selama 3 hari mulai 21 hingga 23 Sep 21 yang merupakan kesinambungan kepada kerjasama bilateral di bawah Malaysian Australian Joint Defence Programme (MAJDP).

Eksesais ini yang dirancang untuk dilaksanakan pada tahun 2020 dalam 2 peringkat iaitu pembelajaran silang atau Cross Training Exercise (CTX) dan latihan medan atau Field Training Exercise (FTX) terpaksa ditunda ke tahun ini dan hanya melaksanakan latihan pembelajaran silang atau Cross Training Exercise (CTX) di antara TDM yang diwakili oleh Batalion Kelima Rejimen Renjer DiRaja (5 RRD) dan TDA yang diwakili oleh Tim Subject Matter Expert (SME).

Panglima Briged Kelapan Infantri Malaysia (8 Briged), Brig Jen Abu Hasan Assha’ari bin Kamis@Shaffiee dalam ucapannya semasa majlis penutup eksesais di Lapangsasar Bukit Merbau pada hari ini berharap agar segala ilmu pengetahuan serta pengalaman berharga yang diperolehi oleh setiap peringkat anggota sepanjang eksesais ini dapat diaplikasikan dalam penugasan.

ATM akan terus komited dalam pelaksanaan eksesais bilateral bagi memperkukuhkan kerjasama dan hubungan dua hala serta jalinan persahabatan di antara ATM dan TDA. Selain itu, ia juga merupakan satu medan terbaik bagi berkongsi ilmu dan kepakaran serta mengenali dan memahami budaya dan adat resam antara satu sama lain.

Turut hadir dalam acara penutup eksesais ini adalah Pegawai Memerintah 5 RRD, Lt Kol Mohd Khairulnizam bin Busu, dan Ketua Kompeni Delta Batalion Keenam Rejimen Australia DiRaja, Mej Hodge David John serta Pegawai Memerintah dan Pemerintah pasukan di bawah naungan Formasi 8 Briged.

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