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Media Release: Low-Flying RSAF Aircraft over Pasir Gudang Area Part of FPDA Exercise

Regarding the issue of Republic of Singapore Air Force planes flying low in the airspace of Pasir Gudang district since early October 2021 as claimed by the Member of Parliament for Pasir Gudang, on his social media site based on complaints from the public and local residents, the Chief of Defence Forces, General Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Hj Affendi bin Buang RMAF stressed that the neighboring country’s Air Force aircraft are part of the assets involved in multilateral military exercises for member countries of the Five Power Defense Arrangements (FPDA).

The military exercise known as Exercise BERSAMA GOLD 2021 was organized by Malaysia from 8 to 18 October 2021. It was joined by FPDA member countries namely Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom in conjunction with the FPDA 50th Anniversary Celebration and participated in flying events (fly-past) on October 21, 2021.

During the exercise, all military aircraft of member countries (FPDA) namely Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom were stationed in Singapore. Meanwhile, the aircraft belonging to the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF), operates from the Air Base in Malaysia. This has caused an increase in air traffic around the country’s airspace, especially in southern Johor near Pasir Gudang.

The flight of these aircraft has also received diplomatic approval for the purpose of the exercise and the Pasir Gudang airspace area is the flight route allowed during the exercise. In this regard, the Malaysian Armed Forces recommends that the public not make any speculations that could cause any confusion and annoyance among the Malaysian community in general and the people of Johor in particular.


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Berhubung isu pesawat Tentera Udara Republik Singapura terbang rendah di ruang udara daerah Pasir Gudang sejak awal Oktober 2021 sepertimana dakwaan Ahli Parlimen Pasir Gudang, di laman media sosial beliau berdasarkan aduan orang ramai serta penduduk setempat, Panglima Angkatan Tentera, Jeneral Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Hj. Affendi bin Buang TUDM menegaskan bahawa pesawat Tentera Udara negara jiran berkenaan adalah merupakan sebahagian dari aset yang terlibat di dalam latihan ketenteraan pelbagai hala bagi negara-negara anggota Peraturan Pertahanan Lima Negara atau Five Power Defence Arrangements (FPDA).

Latihan ketenteraan yang dikenali sebagai Eksesais BERSAMA GOLD 2021 ini dianjurkan oleh Malaysia bermula 8 hingga 18 Oktober 2021. Ia disertai oleh negara-negara anggota FPDA iaitu Malaysia, Singapura, Australia, New Zealand dan United Kingdom bersempena Sambutan 50 Tahun FPDA serta terlibat di acara terbang lintas (fly-past) pada 21 Oktober 2021.

Sepanjang latihan, semua pesawat tentera negara-negara anggota (FPDA) iaitu Australia, New Zealand dan United Kingdom telah ditempatkan di Singapura. Manakala pesawat kepunyaan Tentera Udara Diraja Malaysia (TUDM), beroperasi dari Pangkalan Udara di Malaysia. Ini menyebabkan peningkatan trafik udara di sekitar ruang udara negara khususnya di selatan Johor berhampiran Pasir Gudang.

Penerbangan pesawat-pesawat ini juga telah mendapat kelulusan diplomatik bagi tujuan latihan tersebut dan kawasan ruang udara Pasir Gudang merupakan laluan penerbangan yang dibenarkan sewaktu latihan berkenaan berlangsung. Sehubungan itu, Angkatan Tentera Malaysia menyarankan agar orang ramai tidak membuat sebarang spekulasi yang boleh menimbulkan sebarang kekeliruan dan kegusaran di kalangan masyarakat Malaysia amnya dan rakyat Negeri Johor terutamanya.

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