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Royal Malaysian Navy to Receive 3 Helicopters and 5 RHIB This Year

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 14 – The Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) will receive 5 Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats (RHIB) and 3 Maritime Operations Helicopters (HOM) to enhance the capability of the RMN fleet in meeting operational needs, especially rescue operations.

The Chief of Navy, Admiral Tan Sri Mohd Reza Mohd Sany in his 2022 new year message said, the 3 HOMs are currently in the final phase of construction and will be received in the middle of this year.

He explained that the year 2021 has seen a proud success where, RMN has received all 4 Littoral Mission Ships (LMS) namely KD SUNDANG, KD BADIK and most recently RENCONG which was received on 18 December last year.

“With the receipt of the fourth RENCONG LMS on December 18, RMN has successfully acquired all 4 LMS ships built in China since 2017.

“It is expected that the commissioning of RENCONG will be implemented on 28 January this year,” he explained through the 2022 New Year Message which was posted virtually today.

Apart from that, he also explained, the RMN has received 6 Fast Combat Boats (FCB) and also 3 Multi-Purpose Boats (MPB) to increase the capability, especially for interceptor platforms which are much needed when carrying out Operation Benteng (Op Benteng) to monitor the national waters.

Mohd Reza also explained that RMN will continue to give priority to the 4 main thrusts of the RMN Leadership Direction that have been worked on, namely:

1. Maintaining Priority to the Preparedness of the RMN Fleet. The RMN leadership will continue to strive to ensure that all plans to increase readiness can be implemented and receive support, especially from the government so that we can operate as required.

2. Continuing the Development of the RMN Fleet in Accordance with the RMN 15to5 Transformation Program. To ensure the continuity of the RMN Transformation, several projects are planned to be implemented in 2022 such as:

  • Acquisition of 13 Fast Combat Boats (FCB).
  • Procurement of anti-surface and anti-submarine armament sub-system equipment.
  • Acquisition of 3 x Fire Control System.
  • Acquisition of 4 x Compression Chamber.
  • Development of RMN Air Training Center (PLUT) in Sitiawan.
  • Replacement of various RMN vehicles.
  • Construction of an additional building for Wisma Laskar in PTKK.
  • Construction of security fence at KD SRI SEMPORNA

3 Strengthen Integration and Support for the Aspect of Jointness. This aspect can be strengthened through various methods such as enhancing the conduct of exercises. This year, we will participate in large-scale exercises such as RIMPAC, MILAN, KAKADU, BERSAMA SHIELD as well as several other exercises planned to be held locally and abroad.

4. Continue to Provide the Best Human Capital to Meet Future Needs. To meet this need, the competencies of the Navy People, especially Junior Officers, need to be further improved. This aspect of competence is very important and needs to be given due attention.

In this regard, he stressed, the RMN leadership needs to plan each exercise carefully, specifically and comprehensively in accordance with technological developments in order to be able to achieve the desired standards.

He stressed that the commander is advised to always ‘go down to the ground’ to monitor the competence of each personnel. “Let’s not let the next generation of RMN move without proper guidance, “To streamline the four priorities, focus is given to improving the system of command and the development of policies and doctrines, “The Strategic Map 2021-2025 (PS 2125) should be used as the main guide to measure, move and drive RMN towards excellence,” he added.

Source: AirTimes, written by Nurulhuda

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