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Defence Special Forces Operations Division Collective Training

KUALA LUMPUR, 27 June 22 – The Defence Special Forces Operations Division (BOPKP) has held a collective exercise involving the MAF First Responder Group (FRG) combat members comprising a three-service special team together with the MAF combat support team. The training carried out led to an attack on the target using the method of planned attack (Deliberate Action) and also immediate attack (Immediate Action).

In this Exercise, BOPKP used the doctrine of operating a special team with the Dog Branch in each assignment to the maximum. The concept of using the Dog Branch in special forces operations has long been practiced by foreign special forces.

The Dog Branch, Army Combat Training Center (PULADA) has mobilised Guard Dog, Tracking Dog and Explosive Detection Dog (EDD) with trained handlers to be assigned to BOPKP during training at the collective level to carry out joint training with BOPKP Combat Team. The dogs involved in the operation of BOPKP are from the German Shepherd, Belgian Shepherd, Rottweiler, Labrador, Border Collie and Pointer breeds.

The use of a Guard Dog type used as an Attack Dog during raids and searches on targets is seen as quite practical in improving the capabilities of the BOPKP Combat Team on targets. While Tracking Dog will be used if there are enemies who managed to escape during the attack. EDD dogs will be used to ensure no explosives or Improvise Explosive Device (IED) is likely to be installed by the enemy at the target.

The combination of skills and expertise of the three service special team members along with well-trained dogs and handlers from the PULADA Dog Branch enables BOPKP to carry out assignments more efficiently, effectively and comprehensively in the face of any form of increasingly complex threat.

Prepared By: MAF Defence Special Forces Operations Division

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KUALA LUMPUR, 27 Jun 22 – Bahagian Operasi Pasukan Khas Pertahanan (BOPKP) telah mengadakan latihan kolektif yang melibatkan anggota tempur First Responder Group (FRG) ATM terdiri daripada pasukan khas tiga perkhidmatan bersama pasukan bantuan tempur ATM. Latihan yang dilaksanakan menjurus kepada serangan ke atas sasaran menggunakan kaedah serangan dirancang (Deliberate Action) dan juga serangan serta merta (Immediate Action).

Di dalam Latihan ini BOPKP telah menggunakan doktrin pengoperasian pasukan khas bersama Cawangan Serigala di dalam setiap penugasan secara maksimum. Konsep penggunaan Cawangan Serigala di dalam operasi pasukan khas telah lama dipraktiskan oleh pasukan khas luar negara.

Cawangan Serigala, Pusat Latihan Tempur Tentera Darat (PULADA) telah mengaturgerak anjing daripada jenis Guard Dog, Tracking Dog dan Explosive Detection Dog (EDD) bersama handler terlatih untuk ditumpangkan ke BOPKP semasa latihan diperingkat kolektif bagi melaksanakan latihan bersama dengan Tim Tempur BOPKP. Anjing yang terlibat di dalam pengoperasian BOPKP adalah dari baka German Shepherd, Belgian Shepherd, Rottweiler, Labrador, Border Collie dan Pointer.

Penggunaan anjing daripada jenis Guard Dog yang dijadikan sebagai Attack Dog semasa serbuan dan penggeledahan di sasaran dilihat cukup praktikal dalam meningkatkan keupayaan Tim Tempur BOPKP di sasaran. Manakala Tracking Dog pula akan digunakan sekiranya terdapat musuh yang berjaya melarikan diri semasa serangan dilaksanakan. Anjing EDD akan digunakan untuk memastikan tiada bahan letupan atau Improvise Explosive Device (IED) yang berkemungkinan dipasang oleh pihak musuh di sasaran.

Gabungan kemahiran dan kepakaran anggota pasukan khas tiga perkhidmatan bersama anjing dan handler yang cukup terlatih daripada Cawangan Serigala PULADA ini membolehkan BOPKP dapat melaksanakan penugasan dengan lebih efisen, efektif dan komprehensif dalam menghadapi sebarang bentuk ancaman yang semakin kompleks.

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