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MAF and MINDEF Strengthens Cyber Defence through CYDEX 2/22

KUALA LUMPUR, 2 July 2022 – The Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF) and the Ministry of Defence (MINDEF), through the Defence Intelligence Staff Division (DISD), continue to strengthen the defence to face cyber attacks through the conduct of Cyber Exercise, CYDEX Series 2/22 which was conducted for 10 days from 22 June to 1 July 22.

This CYDEX exercise has been conducted for the second time and the concept of Field Training Exercise (FTX) focuses on decision-making strategies at the operational or tactical level to test the response and assess the readiness of Cyber Defence Operations Centers or services in MAF and MinDef against cyber attack threats.

Apart from staff from DISD, the exercise themed “Leveraging Threat Intelligence in Cyber Security” was also attended by participants from the Defence Cyber and Electromagnetic Division (BSEP), Joint Forces Headquarters (JF HQ), Army Headquarters – PUSTEKMA, Navy Headquarters – KPSI , Air Force Headquarters – KOMLEK and Information Management Division (BPM).

In the closing ceremony of the exercise which was attended by the Director-General of Defence Intelligence, Lieutenant General Datuk Ahmad Norihan Bin Jalal yesterday, he hoped that the participants of the exercise could improve their understanding and technical skills related to MAF and MINDEF cyber defence operations.


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KUALA LUMPUR, 2 Julai 2022 โ€“ Angkatan Tentera Malaysia (ATM) dan Kementerian Pertahanan (MINDEF) menerusi Bahagian Staf Perisikan Pertahanan (BSPP) terus memperkasakan pertahanan bagi menghadapi serangan siber menerusi perlaksanaan Eksesais Siber, CYDEX Siri 2/22 yang telah dilaksanakan selama 10 hari mulai 22 Jun hingga 1 Jul 22.

Eksesais CYDEX ini telah dilaksanakan kali kedua dan berkonsepkan Field Training Exercise (FTX) ini memfokuskan strategi membuat keputusan di peringkat operasi atau taktikal bagi menguji tindak balas dan menilai kesiapsiagaan Pusat Operasi Pertahanan Siber atau perkhidmatan dalam ATM dan MinDef terhadap ancaman serangan siber.

Selain staf daripada BSPP, eksesais yang bertemakan โ€œLeveraging Threat Intelligence in Cyber Securityโ€ ini turut disertai oleh peserta dari Bahagian Siber Dan Elektromagnetik Pertahanan (BSEP), Markas Angkatan Bersama (MK AB), Markas Tentera Darat โ€“ PUSTEKMA, Markas Tentera Laut โ€“ KPSI, Markas Tentera Udara โ€“ KOMLEK dan Bahagian Pengurusan Maklumat (BPM).

Dalam majlis penutup eksesais yang telah disempurnakan oleh Ketua Pengarah Perisikan Pertahanan, Leftenan Jeneral Datuk Ahmad Norihan Bin Jalal semalam, beliau berharap agar peserta eksesais ini dapat meningkatkan pemahaman dan kemahiran teknikal berkaitan operasi pertahanan siber ATM dan MINDEF.




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