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Malaysian Special Forces Secret Operation to Bring Back the Blackboxes of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17

There were only 12 people and their task sounded simple. They just need to take the MH17 BLACKBOXES out of Ukraine.

A correspondent working in the ‘Operations Room’ told me that he came across 12 personnel who were fully armed entering KLIA through a different door from the rescue team. What operation will be performed?

Malaysian Special Forces are very experienced in real war situations and although their operations are shrouded in secrecy.. we all have heard rumors of their exploits in OP Daulat, and many hot locations around the world.

Now after OP Daulat, one of the most secretive black-ops in Malaysia suddenly found its mission in the public spotlight. Blackboxes recovery operation for Malaysian Airlines flight MH17.

This operation did not start out of the blue.. it involved various intelligence and contact with sources in the separatist region.. but I don’t need to write that here.

This team consists of 11 special team members and a GIRN communications specialist. They traveled for 9 hours from the Donetsk border to Kharkiv in the thick of the night in the forest and climbed the mountain across the battleground between the Ukrainian army and the Pro-Russian separatists.

As soon as the Blackboxes were handed over .. this team started devising steps to confuse the parties who want to seize the blackbox. They kept the Blackbox in a backpack and no one knows in which bag the Blackbox was kept.

.. and coincidentally Donetsk surrendered under the Ukrainian army’s attack. A very intense battle took place with multiple rocket fire and maneuvering of T-72 tanks and BMPs.

This team’s nightmare begins.

Long story short (haha can’t tell the story oi) the Blackboxes were successfully taken out and no payment or compensation was given to the pro-Russian separatists.. and they didn’t even asked for it.

This team left earlier than the others, arrived at the RV promised by the pro-Russian separatists.. but they (the separatists) were not at the RV. The dozen waited until midnight before separatists contacted them and asked only two representatives to accompany them to the Blackboxes delivery.

The crash site has become a battleground where both sides exchanged artillery fire. The Malaysian investigation team failed to enter the crash site.

Just after midnight on 22 July 2014, the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Najib Tun Razak made an important announcement regarding the three main issues related to the shooting down of the Malaysia Airlines (MAS) Boeing 777-200ER (r / n: 9M -MRD) Flight MH17 neared the Ukraine-Russia border on July 18 with the loss of all 298 people on board.

After conducting ‘back door’ negotiations with Pro-Russian rebel leader Alexander Borodai, the Prime Minister managed to secure the release of the 226 bodies of the crash victims that had been collected by emergency rescuers and stored on the train, the handover of the two Blackboxes taken by the rebels as well as access to investigators at the crash site to find clues and evidence that could explain the tragic event.

As a result, the group of 12 Malaysians from various agencies, with various specialties and skills were gathered to be quickly deployed to Donetsk to meet with the rebels for the handover of the Blackboxes as well as the return of the bodies found.

The group, known as the “Dozen Person” consisted team leader and the Chief Assistant Secretary of the National Security Council (National Security Council – MKN), Lt Col Mohd Sakri Hussin, Army Odontologist, Brig Gen Datuk Dr Ilham Harun, Pathologist, Dr Mohd Shah Mahmod, Lumut Military Hospital Trauma and Emergency Specialist, Maj Dr Hafizi Abdullah, Military Medical Officer and Translator, Capt Dr Mohd Zainizam Zainal, Malaysian Special Aid and Rescue Team (SMART) / Royal Malaysian Police (RMP) officer, Insp Abd Rahim Abd Aziz and the Special Air Unit of the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RAAF) (Special Air Force – PASKAU) commanded by Maj. Muhammad Mustaffa Omar RADF; Sjn (U) Shahrizal Abu Bakar, Cpl (U) Rosli Mustaffa, LUK Mohd Afendy Ahmad Zaini and also the head of the Army Religious Corps (KAGAT), Maj Nadzri Musman.

Although Maj Mustaffa is an Air Force engineering officer, he underwent basic commando training with the Malaysian Army’s elite commando Special Operations Group (GGK) in 2011. During this course, he was awarded as the best commando trainee Basic Commando Training Course Series 2/2011.

Capt Dr Mohd Zainizam on the other hand had undergone his medical studies in Ukraine a few years ago making him an ad-hoc translator for the team when assigned to this country.

Communication expert from Sapura Secured Technologies, Mr Rosli Shaari who is also the Company’s General Manager for Customer Management is also part of the team. He was also responsible for the Government Integrated Radio Network (GIRN) system during operations in Ukraine.

In order not to be perceived as a threat and also to defuse the insurgents’ hostility, only two Malaysian officers from the force wore uniforms with the Malaysian flag while the others wore plain cloth without ballistic vests on them.

In the early morning of 22 July, around 0611H, self-proclaimed ‘officials’ of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) appeared at their ‘government’ building together with Malaysian representatives.

Speaking to the media, DPR leader Alexander Borodai thanked Malaysia and the Netherlands for sending a team here on Monday to resolve the MH17 issue.

“Thank you to Malaysia and the Netherlands for coming here without protection or help from Kiev (the Ukrainian government),” he said, according to a rough translation by locals.

The handover ceremony then took place between DPR and Malaysian officials.

Both parties are seen signing various documents.

The DPR then produced a white sack containing the Blackboxes and showed it to Malaysian officials.

The boxes were then inspected and then received by Malaysian officials.

After the handover, Lt Col Mohd Sakri thanked Borodai for handing the boxes back to Malaysia.

“I would like to convey my sincere appreciation to Borodai for giving us the opportunity and accommodating our special request to hand over the two black boxes to Malaysia,” he said.

The group was then guarded by 5 members from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) and 10 armed men to the train station where the remains were kept. As the Blackboxes, consisting of the Flight Data Recorder (FDR) and Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR) has been one of the most disputed items taken from the crash site with many factions eyeing it, they were brought back to the Ukrainian Government in Kharkiv in complete secrecy.

The train, along with five refrigerated wagons, the Malaysian team and two Blackboxes left Donetsk around 0300H. After a 5-hour journey, 2 Ukrainian soldiers boarded the train and around 4 hours later, they arrived safely in Kharkiv and successfully completed two important tasks that had been negotiated before. Even so, they were only allowed to get off the train around 1900H.

For security reasons, the Blackboxes were accompanied by a special duty RMP officer during the specially chartered business jet flight to London where data download from the recorder will be carried out by experts.

Following the success of this highly complex and sensitive mission, Prime Minister Nahib said that the team should be commended as they negotiated with the separatist leader, Alexander Borodai.

The team made the release of 226 coffins from Torez to Kharkiv and also recovered the black boxes.

The Malaysian Prime Minister added that, “no ransom was paid, there was nothing in reaching the agreement”.

Credit Source – Lobo Shooter

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