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Royal Malaysian Navy to Receive First LCS in January 2026

KUALA LUMPUR – The Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF) will receive two littoral combat ships (LCS) which are expected to be handed over to the Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) in January and September 2026.

MAF Chief, General Tan Sri Affendi Buang said, the construction of the ships had started in early September involving the mobilization of equipment from original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and local subcontractors.

“The cabinet last April decided to continue the LCS project because it is an asset that is very much needed by RMN to ensure that the country’s sovereignty, territorial integrity and maritime interests are always preserved.

“Based on planning, the first ship is expected to be handed over to RMN in January 2026, the second ship in September 2026, the third ship in May 2027, the fourth ship in January 2028 and the fifth ship in September 2028,” he said in an interview session with reporters at Wisma Perwira ATM, here on Tuesday.

In the meantime, Affendi said, his party also registered the project to procure the second batch of Littoral Mission Ship (LMS) in the Third Rolling Plan of the 12th Malaysia Plan (RMK12) for the year 2023.

“The acquisition of the second batch of LMS is awaiting the approval of the project implementation from the government. RMN has also categorized this project as critical and should be given the highest priority.

“As a maritime country, the vastness of the country’s waters requires RMN to have a credible deterrence capability,” he explained.

Affendi said, based on the concept of the defence of two regions, RMN needs at least 12 missile platform ships (combatants).

He added that although the construction of the LCS continues, it is still not sufficient to meet the combat needs of RMN in an effort to curb the invasion of the country’s maritime areas.

“In order to meet this requirement, RMN views the new acquisition of eight LMS ships of the second batch should be carried out in tandem with the ongoing acquisition of five LCSs.

“The latest assets that have entered the RMN inventory are four LMS ships of the first batch, three maritime operational helicopters (HOM), six interceptor boats (FIC) and 12 unmanned aircraft systems (UAS),” he said.

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