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Defence Cyber Division to become New Malaysian Armed Forces Service

The Defence Cyber and Electromagnetic Division (BSEP) which was established two years ago is set to become a new Service of the Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF).

Chief of Defence Force Affendi Buang said the cyber-centric organisation would be responsible for handling war threats in the cyber and electromagnetic domain.

He added that the BSEP is very much needed following the increasing threats in cyberspace threatening to destroy the country’s defence system.

“Since we are now living in the IT (information technology) world, we should know that once we are attacked, we are affected. Imagine if that happens to our defence system.

“If the data system is destructed by a cyber threat, it can destroy our national defence,” he told reporters in a special interview in conjunction with the 89th MAF Day at Wisma Perwira Angkatan Tentera Malaysia recently.

Armed Forces Day in Malaysia is celebrated on Sept 16 every year.

According to Affendi, strategic communication assets such as the satellite system, network-centric operation and secured messaging are under the control of BSEP to ensure that the operational capability at the three MAF branches is in sync and at the highest level.

BSEP also cannot use the system of personnel exchange like other branches to meet the demand for expertise, he added.

“We know that the world of IT cannot be mastered in one or two years. The fact is that we have to keep up with the developments in the IT world,” he said.

Defence budget

Commenting on MAF’s aspiration for the 2023 Defence Budget, Affendi hopes there will be an increase from this year’s RM15.42 billion through consultation with the Defence Ministry.

Touching on the vision and mission of MAF in conjunction with tomorrow’s celebration, he said it was appropriate to plan for the next five to 10 years, especially in terms of changes in asset criteria and the national defence system.

In this regard, Affendi said the National Military Strategy 2.0, which would be launched on Sept 26, would act as a guide for the MAF to be prepared and remain relevant.

“This includes future assets. I cannot state what ships and aircraft will be purchased or what systems to own, but more on setting criteria on the capabilities of future assets,” he said, adding that 95 military exercises have been planned for next year.

– Bernama

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