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TELEKOM Expert Volunteers Conduct Exercise CAMAR MAYA 1/2022

KUALA LUMPUR, 19 Sep 22 – The training for TELEKOM Expert Volunteers from 56 RSPT (AW) carried out EX CAMAR MAYA Series 1/2022 was held for the first time from 18 to 24 Sep 22.


The main objective of this specialist training is to expose all levels of TELEKOM Expert Volunteers to the procedure for the actual operation when instructed to handle important TM installations during emergencies and war. To support this objective, exercises have been carried out remotely that connect HQ 56 RSPT (AW) Regt at the National Network Operation Center (NNOC), Cyberjaya as Tac HQ with the squadrons of the team at the designated Subsea Cable Stations (SKDL) as a defence location.

The opening and inauguration event through virtual conference was officiated by Brig Gen T.Azaharan bin T.Putra, the Chief Signal Officer and the Presentation of Operation Orders was delivered by Lt Col Ir. Ts. Azizi bin A. Hadi, CO of the team. Also present were Brig Gen Zahar bin Ariffin, Senior Director of BSEP Operations and Development Strategy, Col (R) Shazril Imri bin Mokhtar, Team Commander, Ir. Jayaprakash, NNOC Manager, Cyberjaya and RSD staff.


The event ended with a visit to the main exercise area at NNOC Cyberjaya and a photo session with the TELEKOM 56 RSPT (AW) Export Volunteers.

Source: 56 RSPT (AW)

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