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Rank Structure in the Malaysian Armed Forces

The Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF) is responsible in defending the nation’s sovereignty and independence.
In Malaysia there are three main branches in MAF; namely Army (TDM), Navy (RMN) and Air Force (RMAF).

The three branches in the MAF are headed by the Chief of Defence Forces (CDF).  The CDF wears the equivalent rank of General (TDM), Admiral (RMN) and General (RMAF).
CDF administers the MAF with the assistance of the Joint Chiefs Committee (JPP), comprising:
  • Defense Intelligence Director-General – Defense Intelligence Staff Division (BSPP)
  • Chief of Staff, MAF Headquarters – Malaysian Armed Forces Headquarters (MK ATM)
  • Commander Joint Force – Joint Force Headquarters (MK AB)
  • Chief of Army (Rank – General) – Army Headquarters (MK TD)
  • Chief of the Navy (Rank – Admiral) – Naval Base (MK TL)
  • Chief of Air Force (Rank – General) – Air Force Headquarters (MK TU)
Military ranks of the Malaysian Armed Forces

The following are rank insignia for commissioned officer  ranks and other ranks for the army in closer detail.

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