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Malaysian Defence Attache in Indonesia: ‘Bilateral ties very active, intensive’

JAKARTA, Oct 5 — The bilateral defence ties between Malaysia and Indonesia do not only involve border issues but also encompass cross border defence and security affairs.

Malaysian Defence Attache in Indonesia, Brig Gen Dr Mohd Kenali Basiron said that the defence ties mechanism was firmly established at the highest level in the Ministry of Defence and the three branches of the Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF).

‘’In the issues of security and cross-border defence too, bilaterally or multilaterally, Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines and other friendly nations in ASEAN, were persistent in efforts which led to the setting up of an organisation conducting operations and joint patrols on land, sea and air (Coordinated Land Border Patrol (CLBP), Trilateral Maritime Patrol (TMP) and Trilateral Air Patrol (TAP),” he said.

He said this in his speech at a Reception In Conjunction With The 86th Anniversary Of MAF, here.

Also present were the Malaysian Ambassador to Indonesia, Zainal Abidin Bakar and Director General for Defence Strategy, Indonesian Ministry of Defence Major General Rizerius Eko Hadisancoko.

Brig Gen Mohd Kenali said since the setting up of the Malaysian Defence Advisory Office in Jakarta in 1966, MAF continued to uphold the defence diplomatic ties with Indonesia.

‘’Indeed, as a nation which shares land, sea and air boundaries with Indonesia, the Malaysian-Indonesian bilateral relations are very active and intensive,’’ he said.


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