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RMN Chief: Your Sacrifices Were Needed More Than Ever This Aidilfitri

KUALA LUMPUR, May 23  — Adhere to all regulations, follow the advice of the Health Ministry and National Security Council, practise social distancing, and postpone Aidilftri visits for the time being.

Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) chief Admiral Tan Sri Mohd Reza Mohd Sany has this reminder for his officers and personnel this Aidilfitri, saying that these sacrifices were needed more than ever now that the country is in hard in battle against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mohd Reza, in his Aidilfitri message, said the advice was not only meant for the good of the Navy workforce, but for the protection of the general masses, especially COVID-19 high-risk groups such as the elderly. 

“Use communication platforms to get in touch with your beloved family in your hometowns. Let us all adapt to the new normal by protecting ourselves and each other and by maintaining the highest level of personal hygiene,” he said. 

“I hope ‘Navy People’ will continue to give full focus in complying with government directives while carrying out your duties as part of the efforts to contain the pandemic,” he said.

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 Mohd Reza said Navy vessels will be patrolling the country’s coastline round the clock, and paid tribute to his men as well as their families for their sacrifices this festive season.

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