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Closing Ceremony of Exercise LAND MALPHI Series 21/2023

JOHOR: 22 August 2023, the Commander of the 3rd Division, Maj Gen Dato’ Rashidin Hashimi bin Ab Rashid has officiated the closing ceremony of Exercise LAND MALPHI Series 21/2023 at Padang Kawad 10 RMR, Batu Pahat, Johor.

LAND MALPHI is an exercise held once a year with rotating hosts, a bilateral exercise between the Malaysian Army (TDM) and the Philippine Army (TDF) to strengthen the relationship between the two countries in addition to sharing the best tactics, techniques and methods in realizing regional peace .

This exercise was carried out from 14 to 25 August 2023 at 10 RMR, Majidee Camp, Batu Pahat, Johor and involved 18 Officers and 2 other ranks from TDF as well as 34 Officers and 67 other ranks from TDM.

This exercise scenario is based on the concept of Build Up Area-Offensive operations in urban areas and populated areas around the general area of Batu Pahat.

Col. Joel A. Lobitana in his speech also thanked the leadership of 3 Div who have provided complete infrastructure facilities to the TDF and was proud to see the good communication between the TDM and the TDF. In addition to sharing military knowledge, this bilateral exercise further strengthens the bilateral relationship between TDM and TDF.

After the closing ceremony of the exercise, TDF was also served a meal with the concept of “boodle fight” where dishes are prepared on banana leaves and touched without using utensils such as spoons and forks. This concept is a military tradition that is commonly performed by the TDF after going through a military operation and is a symbol of friendship, brotherhood and equality.

Also present were Philippine Military Advisor, Col. Joel A. Lobitana, 7th Brigade Commander, Brig Gen Mohamad Suria bin Mohamad Saad and 4th Brigade Commander (Mek), Brig Gen Mohd Rafi bin Mohamad.

The successful implementation of the LAND MALPHI exercise is in line with the Supreme Command of the 29th Army Commander establishing the Fourth Core which is the Strengthening of International Relations which focuses on defense cooperation at the regional and international levels through exercises and training. The uniqueness of this exercise is that it is also in line with the Fifth Pillar which is the Integrity of the Relationship between the Malaysian Army (TDM) and Public Agencies.

-Malaysian Infantry Third Division Headquarters-

π„πŠπ’π„π’π€πˆπ’ 𝐋𝐀𝐍𝐃 πŒπ€π‹ππ‡πˆ π’πˆπ‘πˆ 𝟐𝟏/πŸπŸŽπŸπŸ‘

JOHOR: 22 Ogos 2023, Panglima 3 Divisyen, Mej Jen Dato’ Rashidin Hashimi bin Ab Rashid telah merasmikan acara penutup Eksesais LAND MALPHI Siri 21/2023 di Padang Kawad 10 RAMD, Batu Pahat, Johor.

Eksesais LAND MALPHI merupakan eksesais yang diadakan setahun sekali dengan hos penganjuran secara bergilir, latihan dua hala antara Tentera Darat Malaysia (TDM) dan Tentera Darat Filipina (TDF) ini bagi mengeratkan hubungan dua negara disamping berkongsi taktik, teknik dan kaedah terbaik dalam merealisasikan keamanan serantau.

Eksesais ini dilaksanakan bermula pada 14 hingga 25 Ogos 2023 di 10 RAMD, Kem Majidee, Batu Pahat, Johor dan melibatkan 18 Pegawai dan 2 LLP dari TDF serta 34 Pegawai dan 67 LLP dari TDM.

Senario eksesais ini berkonsepkan operasi Build Up Area- Offensive di kawasan bandar dan kawasan penempatan penduduk sekitar kawasan am Batu Pahat.

Kol Joel A. Lobitana dalam ucapannya juga berterima kasih kepada barisan kepimpinan 3 Div yang telah menyediakan kemudahan prasarana yang lengkap kepada TDF serta bangga melihat komunikasi yang baik antara TDM dan TDF. Selain perkongsian pengetahuan ketenteraan, latihan bilateral ini mengeratkan lagi hubungan dua hala antara TDM dan TDF.

Usai majlis penutup eksesais, TDF juga turut disajikan jamuan makan berkonsepkan β€œboodle fight” yang mana hidangan disediakan atas daun pisang dan dijamah tanpa menggunakan peralatan seperti sudu dan garfu. Konsep ini adalah tradisi ketenteraan yang biasa dilakukan oleh TDF setelah mengharungi sesuatu operasi ketenteraan serta merupakan simbol kemesraan, persaudaraan dan kesaksamaan.

Turut hadir, Penasihat Ketenteraan Filipina, Kol Joel A. Lobitana, Panglima 7 Bgd, Brig Jen Mohamad Suria bin Mohamad Saad dan Panglima 4 Bgd (Mek), Brig Jen Mohd Rafi bin Mohamad.

Kejayaan melaksanakan eksesais LAND MALPHI ini adalah sejajar dengan Perintah Ulung Panglima Tentera Darat Ke-29 penetapan Teras Keempat iaitu Pengukuhan Hubungan Antarabangsa yang memberi penumpuan kepada kerjasama pertahanan di peringkat serantau dan antabangsa melalui eksesais dan latihan. Uniknya eksesais ini, ianya juga selari dengan Tonggak Kelima iaitu Keutuhan Hubungan Tentera Darat Malaysia (TDM) Dan Agensi Awam.



-Markas Divisyen Ketiga Infantri Malaysia-

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