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Combat Ration Onboard KD GANAS

“Action Messing dissemination will be conducted within 10 minutes”. This announcement is a notification that is often told to the crew while approaching the Action Station. Action Messing is the process of serving the crew during the Action Station.

Action Messing is divided into 2 categories namely Type A & B. Type A is the preparation of food in the dining hall of the ship which is enjoyed in turn by a number of members allowed at one time with emphasis on adherence to the time limit set for eating. Action Messing type B is the supply of food packs that are distributed to all stations on the ship. Apart from the provision of food by serving and mobile packs, the smooth delivery of Action Messing will be managed by the Chief of Galley under the supervision of the Supply Officer or Executive Officer.

In general, the implementation of Action Messing aims to ensure that the crew is always supplied with adequate nutrition, including during crisis situations. It also aims to ensure that the crew remains alert and energetic to continue to defend the country’s sovereignty.

Source: KD GANAS Public Relations Unit
Article: Lt Muhammad Haziq bin Sharifuddin TLDM
Photo: LK I BDI Luqmanul Hakim bin Zulkifli

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β€œEdaran Action Messing akan dilaksanakan dalam masa 10 minit”. Pengumuman ini merupakan pemakluman yang sering diberitahu kepada anak-anak kapal semasa sedang merapat ke Stesen Bertindak. Action Messing merupakan proses sajian anak-anak kapal semasa Stesen Bertindak.

Action Messing terbahagi kepada 2 kategori iaitu Jenis A & B. Jenis A adalah penyediaan makanan di dewan makan kapal yang dinikmati secara bergilir oleh sejumlah anggota yang dibenarkan pada satu-satu masa dengan penekanan kepatuhan kepada had masa yang ditetapkan untuk makan. Action Messing jenis B pula adalah pembekalan pek makanan yang diedarkan ke semua stesen di kapal. Selain daripada penyediaan makanan secara hidang dan pek mudah alih, kelancaran penghantaran Action Messing akan dikelolakan oleh Chief of Galley dibawah seliaan Pegawai Bekalan atau Pegawai Laksana.

Secara umumnya, pelaksanaan Action Messing bertujuan memastikan anak-anak kapal sentiasa dibekalkan dengan gizi yang mencukupi termasuk semasa situasi krisis berlaku. Ianya juga bertujuan memastikan anak-anak kapal kekal siaga dan bertenaga untuk terus cekal mempertahankan kedaulatan negara.

Sumber : Unit Perhubungan Raya KD GANAS
Artikel : Lt Muhammad Haziq bin Sharifuddin TLDM
Foto : LK I BDI Luqmanul Hakim bin Zulkifli

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