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10 Brigade (Para) Core Competencies Improved via Ex Paradise 9/22 and Ex Elangaroo

PENANG ISLAND, Nov 21 – A total of 57 officers and 879 members were involved in the Field Training Exercise (FTX) for Ex PARADISE Series 9/2022 and Ex ELANGAROO 2022 which took place from 8 to 18 November.

The 10th Brigade (Para) Headquarters through a message on its social media informed that this exercise involved all three branches of land, sea and air where its members as the Rapid Deployment Force (PAC) are also involved in this exercise with the Royal Australian Airforce (RAAF).

According to 10 Bgd (Para), the Joint Operation Capabilities concept training and exercise approach can indirectly be used to test the capabilities, readiness of human resources and assets as well as operational maneuvers in a multi-domain operational environment.

“In order to streamline Core Competencies, the involvement of 10 Bde (Para) this time includes tactical infiltration (Free Dropping) from the air in a High Altitude Low Opening (HALO) in the context of the infiltration of the Survey Team and dropping a mass drop in Op Paracut in capturing the Air Point Of Entry (APOE),

“In addition, members have also carried out Op Air Assault in the context of capturing important tactical land (Radar Station), Tactical Air Landed Operation (TALO) air logistics assistance through the dropping of heavy equipment (HE) and Container Delivery System (CDS) air cargo as well as Low Cost Altitude (LCLA),” explained the message.

The 10 Bde (Para) HQ also explained that this exercise is in line with the First Pillar of the 28th Army Commander’s Supremr Command, which is Mission Continuity and Readiness by focusing on increasing the level of readiness, competence and assets of the PAC- Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF) as the main thrust of the Malaysian Army (TDM).

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