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Exercise BERSAMA LIMA 2023 Kicks Off

Kuantan, October 4, 2023 – The Opening Ceremony of Exercise BERSAMA LIMA 2023 (BL23) was officiated by Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) Chief, Rear-Admiral Aaaron Beng Yao Cheng, held at the Joint Warfare Centre, Al-Sultan Abdullah Camp, Joint Force Headquarters, Kuantan. BL23 Exercise is an annual joint exercise among the Defense Ministers of the Five Power Defence Arrangements (FPDA) member countries, which include Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, and the United Kingdom.

BL23 Exercise, conducted as a Field Training Exercise (FTX), started from October 2 to October 20, 2023, encompassing various land, sea, and air areas of Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore, including the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) of Malaysia in the South China Sea.

General Tan Sri Datuk Seri Mohammad bin Ab Rahman, Chief of Defence Force, had the honour of presenting the BL23 Exercise badges to representatives of FPDA member countries. The badge presentation symbolizes the official commencement of BL23 Exercise.

BL23 Exercise involves over 2,300 military personnel from all three service branches: army, navy, and air force. It also includes 7 warships, 40 various types of aircraft, and several ground assets from FPDA member countries. In this edition of BL23 Exercise, Brigadier General Haji Muhammad Taha bin Hamdan of the Royal Malaysian Air Force was appointed as the Exercise Director.

In accordance with the defensive philosophy of the FPDA agreement, this exercise is not a threat to neighboring countries. It is a planned training event designed to enhance the professionalism of the FPDA Armed Forces and provides an opportunity for FPDA member countries to share expertise and perspectives in preparing for future conflicts.

BL23 Exercise is held alternately by the Malaysian Armed Forces (ATM) and the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) every year. The purpose of BL23 is to train the FPDA defense forces in organizing, planning, and conducting operations at the Combined Joint Task Force (CJTF) level, focusing on joint and combined tactical integration in a multi-threat environment.

Also present at the BL23 Opening Ceremony were General Angus John Campbell of the Australian Defence Force, Air Marshal R. Short of the New Zealand Defence Force, General Gwyn Jenkins, Vice Chief of the Defence Staff of the United Kingdom, General Datoโ€™ Muhammad Hafizuddeain bin Jantan, Chief of the Malaysian Army, Rear-Admiral Datoโ€™ Zulhelmy bin Ithnain, Deputy Chief of the Royal Malaysian Navy, and Lieutenant General Datoโ€™ Zahani bin Hj Zainal Abidin TUDM, Deputy Chief of the Royal Malaysian Air Force, as well as officers from the Armed Forces of FPDA member countries.

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Kuantan, 4 Okt 23 – Majlis Pembukaan Eksesais BERSAMA LIMA 2023 (BL23) telah disempurnakan oleh Panglima Angkatan Bersenjata Singapura (SAF), Laksamana Madya Aaaron Beng Yao Cheng bertempat di Pusat Peperangan Bersama, Kem Al-Sultan Abdullah, Markas Angkatan Bersama, Kuantan. Eksesais BL23 merupakan Eksesais Gabungan tahunan antara Angkatan Tentera negara-negara Peraturan Pertahanan Lima Negara (Five Power Defence Arrangements (FPDA) iaitu Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapura dan United Kingdom.

Eksesais BL23 ini dilaksanakan secara Field Training Exercise (FTX) bermula dari 2 Oktober sehingga 20 Oktober 2023 di sebahagian kawasan perairan, darat, udara Semenanjung Malaysia dan Singapura termasuk kawasan perairan serta udara Zon Ekonomi Eksklusif (ZEE) Malaysia di Laut China Selatan.

Panglima Angkatan Tentera, Jeneral Tan Sri Datuk Seri Mohammad bin Ab Rahman diberi perghormatan menyempurnakan pemakaian lencana Eksesais BL23 kepada wakil-wakil Angkatan Tentera negara-negara FPDA. Pemakaian lencana tersebut adalah sebagai simbolik bermulanya Eksesais BL23 secara rasmi.

Eksesais BL23 ini melibatkan lebih 2300 orang anggota tentera dari ketiga-tiga cabang perkhidmatan darat, laut dan udara. Ianya turut melibat sebanyak 7 buah kapal perang, 40 buah pesawat udara pelbagai jenis dan beberapa aset darat milik negara-negara FPDA. Bagi Eksesais BL23 pada kali ini, Brigedier Jeneral Haji Muhammad Taha bin Hamdan TUDM telah dilantik sebagai Pengarah Eksesais BL23. Bersesuaian dengan falsafah perjanjian FPDA yang bersifat defensif, eksesais ini bukanlah sebagai satu bentuk ancaman kepada negara-negara sekitar tetapi ianya adalah latihan yang telah dirancang sesuai dengan tahap profesionalisme Angkatan Tentera negara-negara FPDA. Eksesais ini memberi peluang serta ruang kepada negara FPDA berkongsi kepakaran dan pendapat dalam menghadapi sebarang bentuk konflik pada masa hadapan.

Eksesais BL 23 ini dilaksanakan pada setiap tahun secara bergilir oleh Angkatan Tentera Malaysia (ATM) dan Angkatan Bersenjata Singapura (SAF). Tujuan Eks BL 23 adalah untuk melatih keupayaan pasukan pertahanan FPDA di dalam mengaturgerak, merancang dan menjalankan operasi di peringkat Combined Joint Task Force (CJTF) dengan mengkhususkan kepada integrasi taktikal gabungan dan bersama pada persekitaran pelbagai ancaman.

Turut hadir dalam Majlis Pembukaan Eksesais BL23 adalah Panglima Angkatan Tentera Australia General Angus John Campbell, Panglima Angkatan Tentera New Zealand Air Marshal R. Short, Vice Chief Of Defence Force United Kingdom General Gwyn Jenkins, Panglima Tentera Darat Malaysia Jeneral Datoโ€™ Muhammad Hafizuddeain bin Jantan, Wakil Panglima Tentera Laut Malaysia Laksamana Madya Datoโ€™ Zulhelmy bin Ithnain, Wakil Panglima Tentera Udara Malaysia Leftenan Jeneral Datoโ€™ Zahani bin Hj Zainal Abidin TUDM serta pegawai-pegawai dari Angkatan Tentera negara-negara FPDA.




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