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9th Army Regimental Sergeant Major Selection Board

KUALA LUMPUR, October 11, 2023 – The Malaysian Army (TDM) Human Resources Branch has organized the 9th Army Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM TD) Candidate Selection Board, chaired by Army Chief Staff Lt Gen Dato’ Zaidan bin Atan at Army Headquarters. This board aims to evaluate potential candidates to replace PW 1 Pauzi bin Mohd Ali, the 8th RSM TD, who is set to retire at the end of this month upon reaching the age of 53.

Four Warrant Officers, including RSM Istiadat, RSM MK PMBTD, RSM PUSASDA, and RSM Infantry, underwent an interview session based on criteria such as experience, credibility, achievements, suitability for the role, personality, and skills.

The selection process also includes initial screenings, including the Basic Fitness Test (UKA), Personality Test, and the Australian Defence Force English Language Profiling System (ADFELPS) Test. Only one of these candidates will succeed and replace PW 1 Pauzi bin Mohd Ali, becoming the 9th RSM TD.

The event was attended by Assistant Chief of Staff Human Resources Maj Gen Dato’ Norsham bin Md Tap, Commander of 12 Brigade Brig Gen Sani bin S Omar, Director of Human Resources, Director of the Army Secretariat, and Deputy Director of Infantry.

Source: Army Headquarters – Human Resources Branch.

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KUALA LUMPUR, 11 Oktober 2023 – Cawangan Sumber Manusia, TDM telah menganjurkan Lembaga Pemilihan Calon Sarjan Mejar Rejimen Tentera Darat (SMR TD) Ke-9 yang dipengerusikan oleh Ketua Staf Tentera Darat, Lt Jen Dato’ Zaidan bin Atan di Markas Tentera Darat, semalam.

Lembaga ini bertujuan menilai calon-calon yang bersesuaian bagi menggantikan PW I Pauzi bin Mohd Ali, SMR TD Ke-8 yang bakal menamatkan Perkhidmatan seusia 53 tahun pada akhir bulan ini.

Antara yang terpilih, seramai empat Pegawai Waran telah menjalani sesi temuduga. Mereka adalah SMR Istiadat, SMR MK PMBTD, SMR PUSASDA dan SMR Infantri.

Secara basisnya, kriteria pemilihan bagi SMR TD ini adalah berdasarkan kepada pengalaman, kredibiliti, pencapaian tertinggi semasa berkhidmat serta kesesuaian perjawatan, personaliti dan keterampilan.

Pemilihan yang teliti ini adalah penting bagi memastikan tahap kompetensi calon sentiasa berada pada tahap optimum. Semasa pemilihan ini juga, calon-calon perlu menjalani sesi tapisan awal melibatkan Ujian Kecergasan Asas (UKA), Ujian Personaliti dan Ujian Australian Defence Force English Language Profiling System (ADFELPS).

Antara mereka, hanya seorang sahaja yang akan berjaya dan bakal menggantikan PW 1 Pauzi bin Mohd Ali serta dilantik sebagai SMR TD Ke-9.

Hadir sama adalah Asisten Ketua Staf Sumber Manusia, Mej Jen Dato’ Norsham bin Md Tap; Panglima 12 Briged, Brig Jen Sani bin S Omar; Pengarah Sumber Manusia, Pengarah Sekretariat Tentera Darat dan Timbalan Pengarah Infantri.

Sumber: Markas Tentera Darat – Cawangan Sumber Manusia.



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