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Exercise BERSAMA LIMA 2023 Closing Ceremony

Kuantan, 20 October 2023 – The closing ceremony of the Exercise BERSAMA LIMA 2023 (BL23) was officiated by the Joint Force Commander, Lieutenant General Dato’ Noor Mohamad Akmar bin Mohd Dom RMAF, representing the Chief of Defence Force, General Tan Sri Datuk Seri Mohammad bin Ab Rahman, held at the Joint Warfare Center, Al-Sultan Abdullah Camp, Joint Force Headquarters, Kuantan today.

The Joint Force Commander handed over the pennant to the representative of the Singapore Armed Forces Chief, Brigadier General Frederick Choo, symbolizing the handover of the organization of the Exercise BERSAMA LIMA 2024 Exercise.

Also present at the closing ceremony were the representatives of the Chief of Army, Lieutenant General Dato’ Pahlawan Haji Muhammad Huzaimi bin Sabri, the Chief of Navy, Rear Admiral Farizal Myeo, the Chief of Air Force, Major General Dato’ Mahadzer bin Amin RMAF, and senior officers of the armed forces of FPDA member countries who were involved.

BL23 Exercise is an annual joint exercise involving the armed forces of the Five Power Defence Arrangement (FPDA) member countries, namely Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, and the United Kingdom. BL23 Exercise has been conducted as a Command Post Exercise (CPX) and Field Training Exercise (FTX) from 2 October to 20 October 2023, in various land, sea, and air areas in Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore, including the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) of Malaysia in the South China Sea.

Exercise BL23 involved more than 1,800 military personnel from all three services: Army, Navy, and Air Force. A total of 7 warships, 40 various aircraft, and several ground assets belonging to FPDA member countries were also involved.

BL23 aims to train the capabilities of FPDA defense forces in organizing, planning, and executing operations at the Combined Joint Task Force (CJTF) level, with a focus on joint tactical integration in a multifaceted threat environment. In line with the defensive nature of the establishment of FPDA, the implementation of this exercise is not a threat to neighboring countries, but rather an exercise to enhance the professionalism of the armed forces of FPDA member countries.

This exercise also provides an opportunity and space for FPDA member countries to share expertise in dealing with any form of future conflicts.




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