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Malaysia CDF Inaugural Command Address Parade

SUNGAI BESI, 23 October 2023 – The Chief of Defence Force (CDF), General Tan Sri Datuk Seri Mohammad bin Ab Rahman, officially conducted his inaugural command address as the 22nd Chief of Defence Force in a tradition-filled static combat parade held at the Dataran Panglima Tentera Darat, Kem Perdana Sungai Besi. He officially assumed the position on September 6, 2023.

The CDF Inaugural Parade was led by the Commanding Officer of the 23rd Battalion of the Royal Malay Regiment, Lieutenant Colonel Mohd Azroi bin Ariffin Shah. There were 12 detachments participating in the parade, comprising 6 detachments from the Malaysian Army (MAF), 3 detachments from the Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN), and 3 detachments from the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF), with a total of 40 Officers and 1159 Other Ranks.

The parade also saw a flypast of 4 MAF helicopters, including 2 RMAF EC-725 helicopters, one RMN Fennec helicopter, and one MAF A-109 helicopter carrying the MAF, Army (MAF), Navy (RMN), and Air Force (RMAF) flags led by Major Khairul Ridhuan bin Ramlee RMAF. The parade was accompanied by the MAF Joint Band under the leadership of Lieutenant Amirul Shafiq bin Abdul Aziz.

Other assets involved in the parade included the PT-91M Pendekar Armored Vehicle, the 8×8 Armored Vehicle GEMPITA, the ASTROS II Rocket Launcher Unit Launch Vehicle, and the 155mm G5 MKIII Howitzer from MAF, the Exocet 40mm Missile Carrier Trailer from RMAF, and the KH-29T Air to Surface Missile Prime Mover from RMAF. The parade was attended by approximately 2000 spectators from among the Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF) personnel.

During the parade, CDF paid his respects and reviewed the parade using the 8×8 Armored Vehicle GEMPITA before delivering his inaugural command address to all MAF personnel present. Earlier, a handover ceremony of the command to CDF was conducted by the 21st Ceremonial Horseback Squadron (21 SIB) and the Defence Special Force Operations Division, using a group of cavalry soldiers and an assault group led by the Commanding Officer of 21 SIB, Lieutenant Colonel Shahanun bin Osman.

In his inaugural command address, CDF emphasized that the primary role of MAF is to protect the country’s interests, especially in maintaining sovereignty and territorial integrity from traditional and non-traditional security threats through an emphasis on land, maritime, airspace, and electromagnetic cyber operations. MAF is now moving towards the Armed Forces of the Future (AMF), guided by the Defence White Paper (KPP), National Military Strategy (SKN), and the 4 Dimensions of MAF (4DMAF), supported by the strategic plans of MAF, RMN, and RMAF. The essence of CDF’s inaugural command address outlined 4 pillars: Pillar 1; Strengthening capability and readiness towards AMF 2030, Pillar 2; Implementing transformation in operations, training, and doctrine, Pillar 3; Fostering a positive and progressive human capital for the armed forces holistically, and Pillar 4; Strengthening the integrated concept of the military and the people. CDF hopes that all MAF leadership and personnel can work together to ensure the full implementation of these principles and objectives for the preservation of national sovereignty.

Also present to witness this parade were the Chief of Army, General Dato’ Muhammad Hafizuddeain bin Jantan; the Chief of Air Force, General Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Mohd Asghar Khan bin Goriman Khan RMAF; the Deputy Chief of Navy, Vice Admiral Dato’ Zulhelmy bin Ithnain RMN; and the Chief of Staff of the Malaysian Armed Forces Headquarters, Lieutenant General Datuk Arman Rumaizi bin Hj Ahmad.

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