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10th Brigade (Para) Enhances Operational Capabilities with A400M Static Line Parachute Trials

KUANTAN Airbase – The 10th Brigade (Para) and the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) are elevating tactical capabilities of the A400M aircraft through the implementation of Static Line Paratrooper Trials from November 21 to 24, 2023. The primary objective is to enhance the mobility capabilities of both services for operational and training purposes. Previously, freefall parachuting using the A400M aircraft was conducted by the 10 Bde (Para) during the TACOP Exercise in March 2022.

The Static Line Paratrooper Trial study commenced in February 2023 under the direction of the RMAF Operations Commander. It began with a Comparative Study phase to assess the suitability of the MC1-1D Parachute compared to the EPC Parachute. Subsequently, a Feasibility Study was conducted to examine the parachute egress process, followed by a Risk Assessment Matrix Analysis. The final phase involved a Live Drop, including bundle drops as simulations for parachutists (weight load) and actual jumps by personnel with full equipment.

The execution of these parachute jumps involved coordination and collaboration from the 10th Brigade (Para) comprising 7 officers and 98 Other Ranks, PASKAU (RMAF) with 3 officers and 20 Other Ranks, as well as pilots and crew from No. 8 Squadron RMAF stationed at Kuantan Air Base. The parachute jumps were carried out in stages based on sortie planning and compliance with the established Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).

This close collaboration aligns with the 30th Command Focus of the Army, emphasizing Unity and Interoperability between the Malaysian Army and RMAF, and is in line with one of the six characteristics of the Future Force.

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