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Royal Malaysian Navy Advancements: Strengthening Capabilities for Maritime Excellence

In his New Year and one-year command anniversary address, Navy Chief Admiral Tan Sri Abdul Rahman Ayob highlighted the Royal Malaysian Navy’s ongoing efforts to bolster its capabilities, strength, and fleet readiness. The implementation of the modified 15 to 5 Transformation Plan and Repowering and Obsolescence Programmes signifies the commitment to enhance operational efficiency.

Under the Littoral Combat Ship project, the navy anticipates receiving the first of five ships by the end of 2026. The Finance Ministry’s approval for three Littoral Mission Ships Batch Two further underscores the commitment to modernization, with negotiations ongoing for technical specifications and contract clauses.

The acquisition project of 13 Fast Interceptor Craft (FIC) in three phases is underway, with the first batch, featuring remote control weapon stations, expected on Feb 2. Despite the current readiness level of 58.6%, the navy successfully conducted numerous operations, addressing challenges through the Repowering and Obsolescence Programmes.

Ten ships have completed the Repowering Programme, ensuring enhanced propulsion power systems, while the Obsolescence Programme, completed for KD Perkasa and ongoing for KD Ganyang, focuses on hull and main equipment replacement. Patrol craft KD Sri Sabah and KD Sri Sarawak, after refitting, are certified for current operational needs.

Looking forward, the navy plans to acquire the Multi Role Support Ship (MRSS) to facilitate logistical operations, humanitarian assistance, and disaster relief. The establishment of Naval Region 4 Headquarters (Mawilla 4) in Samalaju, Bintulu, Sarawak, showcases the navy’s commitment to regional presence and operational effectiveness.

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