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Royalties and their Relationships with the Malaysian Armed Forces

Current Armed Forces Commander-in-Chief, Sultan Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah of Pahang.
Malaysia is a constitutional monarchy and parliamentary democracy at both federal and state level.
Officially the king of Malaysia is the head of state, as well as serving as the supreme commander of the armed forces and also serving as the top cleric for the country’s dominant religion Islam.

Commander-in-Chief of the MAF

The Commander-in-Chief for MAF is held by the Yang di Pertuan Agung, with the Field Marshal (TDM), Fleet Admiral (RMN) and Marshal (RMAF).


In addition to Commander-in-Chief  , there are also Colonel-in-Chief for the Regiments or Corps in the MAF held by the Malay Rulers.  The Colonel-in-Chief is a special task on all regiments or corps in MAF that have been bestowed with the royal flag, including RMN and RMAF.
Colonel-in-Chief is a ceremonial position in a military regiment. It is in common use in several Commonwealth armies, where it is held by the regiment’s patron, usually a member of the royal family.

Here is the list of Colonel-in-Chief in Malaysia:
Malaysian Army
1. Combat
  • Colonel-in-Chief Royal Malay Regiment – Sultan of Kedah
  • Colonel-in-Chief Royal Ranger Regiment – King of Perlis
  • Colonel-in-Chief Royal Armour Corp – Sultan Terengganu
  • Colonel-in-Chief Special Service Group – Sultan of Johor (Colonel Commander)
2. Combat Support
  • Colonel-in-Chief Royal Artillery Regiment – Sultan of Kelantan
  • Colonel-in-Chief Royal Engineer Regiment- The Sultan of Perak
  • Colonel-in-Chief Royal Semboyan Regiment – Yang Dipertuan Besar Negeri Sembilan
  • Colonel-in-Chief Royal Military Police Corp – King of Perlis
3. Service Support
  • Colonel-in-Chief Royal Service Corp – Sultan of Kedah
  • Colonel-in-Chief Royal Ordnance Corp – Sultan Terengganu
  • Colonel-in-Chief Chief Engineer and Royal Machinery Corp – Yang diPertuan Besar Negeri Sembilan
  • Colonel-in-Chief Royal Health Corp – Sultan Perak

Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF)

  • Colonel-in-Chief The Royal Malaysian Air Force – Sultan Pahang (formerly Honorary Air Combat until 1970)

Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN)

  • Captain-in-Chief The Royal Malaysian Navy – The Sultan of Selangor.

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