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VADM Datuk Abdul Rahman Ayob to be RMN Dy Chief Navy, RADM Datuk Pahlawan Syed Zahrul Putra as Eastern Fleet Commander

KOTA KINABALU 15 Oct 19: Rear Admiral Datuk Pahlawan Syed Zahrul Putra Syed Abdullah has been appointed the new Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) Eastern Fleet Commander, succeeding Vice Admiral Datuk Abdul Rahman Ayob who will be taking over as Deputy Chief of Navy.

The handover duty ceremony was witnessed by Chief of Navy, Admiral Tan Sri Mohd Reza Mohd Sany at the Sepanggar Naval base.

Syed Zahrul was the Assistant Chief of Staff (Operations and Exercises) while Abdul Rahman would be taking the post of Deputy Chief of Navy, based in Kuala Lumpur.

Syed Zahrul said Abdul Rahman has given his commitment to ensure not just the assets but also keep everyone in the Eastern Fleet in a good hand.

“Ever since Abdul Rahman took command, I can see changes after changes and among them are getting four stars in the naval base’s audit preparedness even though the base is less than three years.”

Apart from that, Abdul Rahman also maintain ship operation at sea at its highest level, which is 282 days since Jan 19, by introducing the Sepanggar Readiness and Training Exercise which includes the 3M elements (man, machine and method).

Abdul Rahman materialised the KD Baung Refit Repowering project to operate ships in a more economical and efficient way. The ship was also successfully completed within a specified time.

Abdul Rahman gave his full support on the Eastern logistic headquarters initiative to become a cost centre to speed up the procurement process apart from resolving the issue involving delay in the Harbour Surveillance Underwater System (HSUS) contract.

“Moreover, Abdul Rahman materialised a few modifications on the Eastern fleet ships such as replacement of larger water tanks to extend the operation period at sea of the Fast Attact Craft (FAC) ships, the addition of support equipment such as air conditioning system pumps and steering system pumps for vessels to operate more robustly, autonomously and efficiently,” he said.

According to Syed Zahrul, Abdul Rahman also replaced the Fire Control Electro-Optical Tracking Module (TMEO) to an Electro Optical Surveillance System (EOSS) and proposed the replacement of primary and secondary batteries for Torpedo Black Sharks so that it can operate for longer period of time.

Syed Zahrul said the Eastern Fleet has carried out many high impact activities and forged close ties with the State and Sarawak government.

“These efforts include, among others, the promotion of the RMN as a ready-to-go security agency to protect Sabah and Sarawak waters.“Congratulations to all Eastern Fleet members, without your cooperation such achievements will never be achieved.

“For the new leader, I hope the effort will be continued to ensure the Eastern Fleet remains outstanding in line with current technological advancements and demands,” he said.

He hope that everyone continue to improve their knowledge, integrity and practice to ensure that each task is performed as effectively as possible with four of the RMN core values that is glory, loyalty, courage and pride so RMN stay on the right track to achieve its’ mission and vision.

“As the Chief of Navy, I want to see the people under the Easter Fleet command to continue to excel in various aspects and every success in whatever aspect is achieved with the positive attitude.“I urge you all to work together to strengthen the solidarity in order to build a strong and respected community,” he said.

The attendees witness the handing over ceremony which was followed by pinning of the Commandant Insignia and the symbolic handing over of the command.Abdul Rahman bids farewell to some 800 men and women in conjunction with the event.

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