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Royal Malaysian Navy Hydrographic Insignia



An insignia is a sign or mark distinguishing a group, grade, rank, or function. It can be a symbol of personal power or that of an official group or governing body. On its own, an insignia is a sign of a specific or general authority and is usually made of metal or fabric.


The insignia is awarded to Hydrographic officers by the Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) in recognition of their knowledge and competencies in hydrography and recommended by Chief of Hydrographer. They are required to undergo various tests to ensure that they merit the award. The officers must attend Pre-Basic Hydrography and Hydrographic Category B courses for six months either nationally or abroad. Upon completion of the courses, they are placed on board a RMN hydrographic ship over a 2-year period to be evaluated on their competency and work as well as undergo a personal assessment by the Commanding Officer of the ship. The Insignia badge is a symbol of pride for every Hydrographic Surveyor of the Royal Malaysian Navy.

RMN Hydrographic Insignia
RMN Hydrographic Insignia

Meaning & Significance

Royal Crown
Symbolizing the identity of the Royal Malaysian Navy in upholding religious faith and the monarchy.

Representing the historic instrument used in hydrographic positioning surveys.

Representing the core specialised hydrography elements of hydrographic exploration, oceanography, meteorology, and charting. The two layers of waves reflect the challenges in executing hydrographic survey duties.

Opened Book
Represents the high standards for the conduct of hydrographic survey.

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