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MAF Cyber Defence and Security Constantly Monitored


(Released at 3.00 pm)

Chief of Defence Force General Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Hj. Affendi bin Buang RMAF explained that the security and cyber defence of the Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF) are constantly monitored to ensure that all threats that try to disrupt the defence communication network can be dealt with appropriately.

This follows media reports stating that a new hacker group, identified as Dark Pink, is using phishing emails and advanced software to compromise military defences in the Philippines and Malaysia, as well as government organizations in Cambodia, Indonesia and Bosnia-Herzegovina. In this situation, the detected modus operandi is that hackers executed phishing emails with random attack attempts on official email networks used by several agencies in the Ministry of Defence and the Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF).

However, hacker activities were detected early and preventive measures were implemented accordingly. Currently, the entire MAF communication network exposed to internet access is found to remain secure.

It is emphasized that MAF constantly monitors and improves aspects of cyber security from time to time as a measure to deal with any possible response to cyber attacks by foreign elements that may interfere with the operation of cyber and ICT systems of MAF and the Ministry of Defence.

All the actions taken are to prevent further breaking the modus operandi and the use of current technology by hackers who are always a threat not only in the MAF communication monitoring and defense network but also in the National defence strategic communication network.

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