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Preventing Cyber Threats in the Malaysian Armed Forces

The borderless world today promises opportunities as well as poses a threat to all. These cyber threats include elements such as fraud, damage or modification of computer programs or data, theft of information, hacking and others.

Therefore, always be careful while surfing the internet and take the right precautions to keep yourself safe from cyber threats.

Preventing Cyber Threats

  1. Change and use strong passwords
  2. Periodic backup all important data
  3. Do not click or open email links/attachments, please verify by contacting sender first
  4. Ensuring log entry is not accessible by public
  5. Update antivirus definitions and ensure it is working
  6. Update and upgrade networks
  7. Report any suspicious activity in your surround network
  8. Disconnect from the internet when not in use and switch off the computer when leaving office

Infographic source from:
Defence Cyber and Electromagnetic Division (BSEP), Malaysian Armed Forces.


Dunia tanpa sempadan pada masa kini menjanjikan peluang serta turut memberikan ancaman kepada semua. Ancaman siber ini meliputi unsur seperti penipuan, kerosakan atau pengubahsuaian program atau data komputer, pencurian maklumat, penggodaman dan lain-lain.

Oleh itu, sentiasa berhati-hati semasa melayari internet dan lakukan langkah pencegahan yang betul bagi memelihara keselamatan diri dari ancaman siber.

Sumber infografik daripada:
Bahagian Siber dan Elektromagnetik Pertahanan (BSEP), Angkatan Tentera Malaysia.

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