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Chief of Army: Six Areas of Focus to Strengthen Malaysian Army

KUALA LUMPUR (Feb 28): The Malaysian army has set six areas of focus to be implemented this year to achieve the mandate and aspirations laid out by its highest command.

The six focus areas are personnel well-being and welfare; improving readiness and capability; organisation structuring; empowering governance; enhancing defence diplomacy; and assisting the government in military operations other than war.

Chief of Army Gen Tan Sri Zamrose Mohd Zain said the army’s first focus would see continued cooperation with related parties to increase the number of Rumah Keluarga Angkatan Tentera (RKAT), especially in areas with high house rental costs.

He said seven new RKAT housing projects would be completed this year for the benefit 1,031 army families.

“The second-career pioneer project for army personnel of other ranks will also be continued for the second series this year. Assistance projects on renovations or building new houses for veterans will be continued,” he said in his speech in conjunction with the 28th Chief of Army’s Message recently.

Zamrose said the second focus involved efforts to increase the army’s readiness and capacity, taking into consideration its main mission of defending the country’s sovereignty.

According to him, the procurement of assets needs to be based on long-term development plans, including the procurement of five 60-tonne tank transporters costing a total of RM15 million, four seven-tonne trucks to increase land mobility costing RM3.4 million and 98 assault boats costing a total of RM7.84 million.

“Personnel equipment and head-to-toe procurement will be increased to 100% for items like camouflage clothing involving a cost of RM24.6 million to enable each soldier to be prepared and motivated in conducting operations and training effectively,” he said.

The third focus, meanwhile, involves the army organisation structuring to empower the chain of command and to balance the strength of assets and human resources between regions according to a ratio of two-thirds to one-third as outlined in the Defence White Paper.

“The fourth focus is the empowerment of governance and prudent expenditure, meaning financial expenses need to be implemented according to effective budgetary strategies while government asset management must be conducted according to set instructions and procedures,” he added.

“This year, the army will also focus on increasing defence diplomacy to support defence cooperation and will continue to use all existing platforms and mechanisms to form close relations with countries of interest,” he said.

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